Sunday 31 January 2016

How to - roll up your binding while sewing

I thought I share another little tip today.

There are different methods of how to roll up your binding and this is how I do it:

I use a wooden spool, which I bought in a lovely fabric store in Dublin. For this baby quilt the binding wasn't too long, it does get quite full when it's a lap size quilt though, but it still works!

While sewing the binding to the quilt I place the spool on my lap. The binding rolls up nicely and lays already flat on the quilt. It works really well for me. Try it out!

What do you do with your binding?

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  1. This is a good idea. I've done the same and then plopped the spool up on my machine where the thread usually goes. It pulls off easily as I sew...

  2. I roll my binding around an empty toilet paper tube. I place it on a large spool holder; one that use to be used to hold a serger spool. It sits to the right of my machine and pulls off easily.