Sunday 31 March 2019

Biene's adventure blocks #8 and #9

This is a long overdue blog post about Biene's adventures quilt blocks #8 and #9.
It's spring out here now and naturally there are a lot more exciting and longer walks ahead of us than in winter. But that doesn't mean we haven't been out on walks during the last couple of months. I just didn't find the time to blog.

The first block I'm going to show you was from autumn and it was a beautiful warm autumn day.

This again is an improv tree blocks with brown leaves, suitable for the autumn forest.

Biene is very camouflaged in these colours and she had lots of fun in running around in the leaves.

This one was from a very cold winter morning with temperatures of -5C (40F), there wasn't any snow but everything was frozen and it looked so good.

I made a winter tree block and pinned it to the frozen moss on the tree.

The sun was just coming out and everything looked so beautiful.

I love when the air is cold and crisp and you find beauty in the detail.

In temperatures like that Biene gets to wear a dog coat. She only has one layer of fur and no undercoat, so when it's really cold she wears it on long walks like this one.

So inspiring!

I am planning on making more blocks this year to make more progress on the adventure quilt. Lots more adventures to come!