Monday 2 February 2015

My first finish in 2015 - Plus One

I have my first finished quilt in 2015 to show: Plus One!

I showed photos of the first plus blocks already in November in line with my turn of the Around The World Blog Tour as it was still in progress. Now it's finally finished and I'm very happy how it turned out!

I used a selection of solid fabrics in different shades of green, orange, yellow and blue.
Ever since I've seen this beautiful quilt by NZ quilter Adrianne of 'On the windy side' I wanted to make one myself and started collecting lots of low volume fabrics and started sewing the first blocks.

I went with a simple diagonal straight line quilting with what will be my all time favourite Aurifil thread with colour shades from white to light grey. The colour changes of the thread are so subtle but still visible and give the quilting a beautiful depth.

 And that's how the back looks like: 

Almost as nice as the front! 

I just love the little orange birdies of Lotta Jansdotter's fabric line 'Bella'!

So why is there a 'one' in the quilt?
Well first of all I always try to come up with something different in my quilt designs, even if it is a quilt block design which has been done so many times by other quilters. In this case I just wanted to add a bit of interest and draw the attention to the 'one' in the quilt as it stands for my 'plus one' - my husband!
I placed the 'one' so that when I'm wrapped up in the quilt on our couch that the 'one' points towards my husband.... awww! 

And here he is:

Always supporting me and holding up my quilts for photo shootings - thank you!

I really like the +1 idea, the next baby quilt I'll do might have l+l=ll in lovely baby colours? I'll see how this turns out. Already excited about that!

I had a few difficulties with these blocks at the beginning.... I will do another blog post about it later and will also tell you about how I did the straight line quilting.

Linking this to the German Montagsmacher and  Crazy Mom Quilts!

Sunday 1 February 2015

Fresh start - please comment

New year, fresh start.

As I started my blog in March last year I didn't know that I only made commenting on my blog posts available for Google+ users... I want to change this now as some people stated that they would love to leave a comment but don't want join Google, which is understandable.
So I checked out my settings and I found the box I need to untick in order to make commenting available also for non-Google account holders. But I will automatically loose ALL the lovely comments I got since I started my blog (respectively: they will not be visible anymore...unless there is a computer nerd amongst you who can tell me how I get them back???).
All these lovely comments will only visible on my Google+ account.

I have been avoiding this decision for quite some time but have now decided that I will change the settings to make commenting available for everyone with whatever account. 
I'm very sad to see my blog 'blank' with no comments at all...

So you guys, go ahead and comment and make me a happy girl again!

At this point I want to thank everyone who visits my blog and make me feel that I don't only write this all for myself! Thank you!