Sunday 5 January 2020

The Blue One & The Green One

I've always had a thing for log cabin blocks. The third quilt I ever made was a log cabin quilt and since then I've grown very fond of this versatile block.

For my exhibition in September I wanted to make two mini quilts that complemented each other. What is better than two minimalistic log cabin quilts?

Both quilts are a modern interpretation of the classic, traditional log cabin block where a red square in the centre was the starting point and dark and light fabrics formed a diagonal line in the overall block.

I made The Blue One first. I have new favourite blues and used five shades of it. The orange in the centre complements the design so nicely. I match- stick quilted with light blue thread, I wasn't sure whether that would work on the white and beige fabric but I really like it.

The strips are all cut without measuring leaving them in different widths and slightly wonky, I love the uneven zig-zag that this is creating.

I liked the blue version so much that I made the The Green One right after. This time with a pink centre as an elongated rectangle in the centre. 

Again I used light green quilting thread and it worked well on the white and grey fabrics.

They are now hanging behind my desk, so every time I have a Zoom meeting or a Skype call these two provide a nice backdrop and I love it! They're both approx. 24 x 26" (61 x 66cm).

The exhibition was a success and many liked the lovely pair. My Mom loved The Blue One especially since she has a blue couch, and oh, this would make a great pillow.

So I made my Mom a pillow for Christmas and she was over the moon. It's 24" square (60 x 60cm) and fluffy and suits the blue couch perfectly.

There will be more of these blue tones, espcially with the Pantone colour of the year being Classic Blue! So stay tuned!

Wednesday 1 January 2020

2020 - quilty goals

Traditionally the year end round up is followed by this post: the quilty goals for the next year!
I like to have these goals because they are a bit like a to-do-list, I keep on going back to this post throughout the year to check progress.

1. Pantone Quilt Challenge with the new colour of the year: Classic Blue

The Pantone Quilt Challenge has become a tradition, it will be the fourth time taking part and I'm really looking forwrd to working with this beautiful colour!

2. MQG Mini Swap
I'm taking part in the mini quilt swap organised by The Modern Quilt Guild and I will exchange quilts at QuiltCon in Austin/ TX in February! I have a super great swap patner: Audrey of Cotton & Bourbon. Her quilt for me will be truly stunning as all of her work is! I have an idea for her quilt and fabrics are already selected. I will start the quilt this week before work gets in the way again.

3. Finish Christmas Quilt 'December'

I have actually started to quilt this quilt twice, and I didn't like it. The first time I ripped all the quilting out and started again (I had quilted the bottom two rows of trees approximately.). I started to quilt it a second time, and I again don't like it... so it's laying there at the moment, quilt stitches half way removed, and it's waiting for a third time.
Well, I guess these things happen. I just hope that when I quilt it t third time then it's turning out the way I want it!

4. Biene's adventure quilt 

This project is so dear to my heart and it's so much fun! I have 15 blocks so far and need a few more to have the quilt top complete. Actually I have settled on a quilt layout and now the quilt is determining where we go this year! We need to go to the beach once, go swimming twice and have a couple of nature walks in the forest. How cool is that?

5. Bee quilts

This one is from 2018 and I still need to finish it! But I have a great one from 2019 and I'm very eager to finish this one as well.
I'm continuing my bee in 2020 and looking forward to what my bee mates come up with!

6. Improv, Improv, Improv!!!
I have so many ideas and I can't wait to get started!
I also actually got a new book, it's 'Inspiring Improv' by Nicholas Ball. I really like his stuff and want to dive into his methods.

I hope I get as much sewing done as I like to. Happy New Year to you, all the best for your own creative endeavours and thanks to everyone who is stopping by my blog and leave a comment. Every one of it is highly appreciated!