Sunday 1 June 2014

I have been busy making zipper pouches!

Not that you think I was lazy... I have been making some open wide zipper pouches following this tutorial by Noodlehead.
These are the smaller sizes but slightly altered.

The first one I made was from fabric left overs from my current quilt in progress with crazy piecing and beautiful multicoloured Aurifil thread, I loved the effect it had and will use it on my quilt as well.

The second one I made was a gift for one of my best friends and rowing partner, her favourite colour is green so I added pink and a linen fabric with grey, green and pink.

And the third one was my very first custom made item for my colleague, he wanted this as a present for his girlfriend, he picked the colours and thankfully they both liked it, phew!

I am in the final touches of quilting my fifth quilt and will post about it soon!