Sunday 17 January 2021

December - a Christmas Quilt

We had one day of snow today. One day Winter Wonderland! I was waiting for this day for the last two weeks. Because I wanted to take photos of my Christmas quilt in the snow. 

This is 'December' and I am so happy to have it finished! I finished the quilt top already two years ago. I also had taken photos of the finished quilt top in the snow, see here. I was working on this quilt during the holidays and have it finished since early January. 

I attempted quilting this quilt twice and ripped it out twice. My first intention was to have a fleece back, but it somehow didn't work out. I believe that the quilt told me it didn't want a fleece back, so I listened. That fleece has to wait for another opportunity. 

I quilted wavy lines and it has such a lovely and soft texture. Definitely the right decision. 

I am so pleased with the design. I made improv pieced trees in red and brown. I wanted a Christmas quilt but not a quilt that screams Chrismas, when you know what I mean. The light background fabrics are almost all with golden prints and I love that. The quilt has glitter! 

Putting the blocks together was a puzzle game which I truly enjoyed as none of the tree blocks had an equal size. I used highlights, like this red/ white leave print, throughout the quilt and it gives it such an interesting look. 

The thread is brown/ beige variegated Aurifil thread in 50wt and it looks so good. I chose this cross hatch fabric for the binding and it gives the quilt a nice frame. 

I hand stitched the binding to the back, meanwhile one of my favourite task in quilt making. 

I used a printed fabric for the back and for the first time I pieced it so the seam is not visible. That worked out really well. 

I can't wait to snuggle up under it. Don't care if Christmas is over. I just love this quilt! 

December finished at 56 x 76 (143 x 194 cm) .

Friday 1 January 2021

2021 - quilty goals

I am To-Do-List person. I have them in work and also for my quilt projects. they help me to stay focused and keep on track with my goals.

Here we go!

1. Finish Pantone Quilt 2020

Even though the Pantone Quilt Challenge did not take place in 2020 I made a quilt using classic blue. The quilting is finished, I just need to add the binding. 

2. Pantone Quilt 2021

Pantone have released two colours for 2021: grey and yellow. It's an interesting colour combination. I hope that the Pantone Quilt challenge will be back this year! 

3. Improv Quilt using stack technique

I took an online class with Nicholas Ball in October 2020 where Nicholas taught the stack technique from his book 'Inspired Improv'. I made this quilt in lovely autumn colours. The top is finished, I just need to come up with a quilting idea. Something free motion maybe?

4. Finish Christmas Quilt 

I know, I know! This quilt was on my do-to-list for the last two years! And I did attempt it. Twice. Twice I started quilting and didn't like it. Ripped it all out again. But now, it's finished quilted and just needs binding! 

5. Biene's Adventure Quilt

This has been such an enjoyable project! I'm working on this since three years and there are five blocks outstanding to finish the quilt top. I do hope we can go to the Dutch coast again this year because I need two more coast blocks! 

6. Adventures in Improv Design

I will attend QuiltCon together in February. I have signed up for an improv class with Anne Sullivan and Melanie Tuazon, I'm quite excited about it. 

7. Bee Quilts

I have this quilt top finished. This is going to be a baby quilt soon. 

There will be more, but for now that seems like a good plan!