Monday 20 February 2017

Quilt Con prep

Only a few days left and I'm going to QuiltCon in Savannah, Georgia! As you can imagine at this stage I am beyond excited!

In preparation of my first QuiltCon I made myself some business cards, in the hope to connect with loads of other quilters!

I used my logo from the blog, which I really like and it looks so good in that tiny print, too!

I also made a lanyard from the left over scraps from my pillow so I can have my business cards ready to hand out.

And that's me, introducing myself on Instagram #helloquiltcon

If you see me, come say hello!

I have also prepared for my work shop 'QuiltRemix' with Riane Menardi of Vesselquilts.
We were asked to prepare two large blocks in contrasting colours, and I opted for Kona black and Robert Kaufmann Essex Linen in gray.

One is a 20" square log cabin block.

And the other one is a huge 40" square dutchman's puzzle block. I had some difficulties making this giant block, some of the seams don't match up... very obvious in that size and these colours. But hey, I'm cutting the whole thing up again so I just cut the mishaps out. (Uh, did I really say that?) Anyhow, I'm sure after the remix it will look all good.

I am so looking forward to the whole event! I will write reports from my stay when I'm back, so stay tuned!

Friday 17 February 2017

My personal fabric challenge

I've always adored the Quilts by Emily and her awesome fabric selections. She puts together fabrics which at first sight don't seem to match up. But then those fabrics create the most interesting and beautiful quilts! Like this one, or this or this, or this.

So I was pulling fabrics from my stash and came up with this selection:

Yes: brown, mustard, pink and turquoise. Ui!

I was very skeptical myself but as I started to cut some strips and placed them beside each other they actually started to work.

I wanted to create and interesting design but kept it simple. I opted for a coin layout with 5 rows in different widths. Much to my surprise I think it turned out really well! 

The pillow is in my favourite size 26 x 26" (65 x 65cm) and is going to be a gift for a friend.

I was unsure of how and in what colours to quilt it. I had several colours to chose from but opted for white, light grey and mustard, all beautiful Aurifil wt 40 thread!

With all these different colours I think there is so much to look at and despite the big variety of fabrics it still is harmonic. I'm in fact so happy with the pillow that I want to make a whole quilt out of it and keep that for myself since I'm having a hard time giving this pillow away.

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