Saturday 28 November 2015

I have joined Pinterest! This is my happy place

I have recently joined Pinterest and love, that I now can pin quilts, blocks, patterns or whatever inspires me including the link to the actual blog post or website.

Within three months or so I have accumulated over 2.3000 pins in 41 boards... wow. I also have 73 followers!

I have structured the boards into e.g.  modern solids, plus quilts, quilts from men's shirts, QAYG, paper piecing, Irish chain... and so on. All the tings I want to try some day.

Of course there is my own board from block M quilts, too.

And quilts I cannot put into any of the above categories I just add into my 'Gorgeous Quilts' board.

There are also random sewing ideas, useful things, crochet inspiration, food, selfmade soap, jewelry, travel and dogs.

Here is the link to my profile.
When you're not signed up they don't let you see much though..

I have also added the little 'P' button on my blog with the same link.

I have found this advice for beginners by the German blogger 'Loloveshandmade' very helpful and I think that got me started.
Try it out, I really like it. Oh, and follow me!

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Christmas mug rug swap

After my Christmas mug rug inspiration mosaic I was looking at how my own mug rug was supposed to look for my partner. She wanted something a bit extraordinary and non traditional so I thought this lovely fabric selection was the right choice for her:

Unfortunately I cannot name the designer or the manufacturer as I only bought 8 inches of each fabric and none of them had something written on the selvages. The cross hatch fabric is by Carolyn Friedlander.

So I went ahead and did a super simple mini Christmas tree which I've seen on 'Sew me something good', I just loved the simplicity of it and had to copy it. My squares are 1.5 inches big (unfinished).

I did irregular straight line quilting in three different colours, green, pink and grey. The mug rug is approx. 9 x 10 inches, big enough for a big mug and some cookies.

I have used this super tutorial on 'how to bind tiny things' by Crazy Mom Quilts (which actually is shown on a similar mini Christmas tree block).

This swap is in line with the German Flickr group 'Swappen auf Deutsch' which you can find here.You can also see what everyone else did.
I am very curious which of the really nice mug rugs up there is for me. I'll keep you posted.
I hope my partner likes what I made for her!!!

Linking this to Crazy Mom Quilts finish up black Friday :0)