Sunday 30 August 2020

Biene's adventure blocks #13, #14 and #15

 Today I have three more adventure blocks to show. They are all from late summer/ fall last year (2019).

This one was from a mini holiday in a national park about one hour drive away from home. It was rainy, but we had some beautiful walks and Biene really enjoyed it. 

This is the block and I like these big trees. 

And we've been to the dutch coast again, our favourite spot with endless walks on the beach. 

I pinned this beach block to the timber poles, otherwise they would have been blown away! 

This one was in autumn with lovely autumn light and lots of fallen leaves. 

Here's the block with a lovely autumn tree. 

This still is a very enjoyable project. I probably need about 5 to 6 more blocks before I can assemble the quilt top. 

I made a couple of blocks during this summer and will show you more soon!