Sunday 5 August 2018

Biene's adventure block #4+5

We're having such a hot summer here in Central Europe that we are not able to go on long walks during the day. Temperatures between 30 and 37C (86 to 99F) left us with longer walks in the mornings and evenings and only very short walks during the day.

Nevertheless we went into the forest at weekends, that was the only place we could actually stick this heat. Biene had fun no matter what. I didn't do much sewing either, when you have temperatures of 26 to 29C (79 to 84F) inside the house you do not turn that iron on!

However, I made another tree block, improv pieced, in turquiose this time. Who said that trees need to be green all the time?

We have the feeling that in the forest Biene is her most natural self. Very alert, very active, always searching. A true hunter. A very beautiful one though (and not hunting at all, we would not have her run free if she would).

Here's another improv pieced tree block in the forest with a very playful Biene, having picked up every stick along the way.

This tree I made with small scraps and pieced them randomly together until I had a form that kind of looked like a tree. Variety is good!

And that's Biene seeing if we really, really do not want to play with that sick laying in front of her.

Temperatures are suppose to drop in the next two weeks or so, I guess the quilty summer adventure is turning into a year long project which I don't mind because we go on adventures with Biene all year round!