Saturday 9 May 2020

Playground - three years in the making

This quilt started as a personal fabric challenge. I am almost exclusively working with solids today, and that change from 'all prints' to 'all solids' started about three years ago.

I picked these fabrics and made a pillow for my friend - back in February 2017. I loved that unusual fabric selection so much that I decided to make a quilt out of it.

Soon I realised that 'a quilt is not a pillow'! I found out that the use of fabrics and the effect they have depends on the size of the project that you use your fabrics for. The pillow was 24x24" (60x60 cm), the quilt is 55x84" (140x214 cm).
I wrote a blog post about my selection process and what I had discovered about using all these prints.

I finished the quilt top in May 2017. Since then there were just so many other projects that I never really found the time to finish this quilt. I selected the fabric for the back and picked this beautiful Tula Pink widescreen called  ''Free Fall'.

In December 2019 I decided to send the quilt to a quilt service to have it quilted for me. And what a quilt service that is! Rachel Hauser of 'Stitched in color' has moved to the Netherlands and is therefore very close to me.

I went with an endless- 8- pantograph and picked a light mustard thread colour. The curry coloured binding finished off the quilt very nicely.

I can highly recommend Rachel's quilting services, the quilt was back within one week, it looked exactly how I had envisioned it and came in this lovely box. The text on it couldn't be more suitable for the excitement I felt when it did arrive back home!

I had the binding attached to the quilt quite quickly after it arrived but it took weeks before I had proper photos done. The quilt isn't even washed yet, so it is still very nice an flat.

Even though I work with mostly solids now, I still have more prints than solids in my stash. I guess that comes from buying solely prints as I started to quilt. So I have decided to make at least one quilt per year using only prints - and that quilt will be for me. To snuggle up on the couch. And if I don't have time to quilt it myself I'm going to send it to Rachel.
Sounds like a good plan!

So, now off to wash 'Playground' and get it on the couch! Finally!

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