Sunday 30 October 2016

What defines a quilting style?

I am featured today on the blog of the Modern Cologne Quilters. It's called 'blind date' and every Sunday there is another German quilter introduced. It's a lovely way to get to know quilters around you.

I was given several questions to expand on. And one was 'How would you describe your style or your quilting personality?'
Even though that was difficult to answer, here is my reply: 'I would describe my style as modern and simple. I like structured forms and harmonic colours.'

Several people commented that they like my style. And that got me thinking.What is my style actually and what defines a quilting style?

I can remember reading a comment once on one of Allison Harris's posts at her blog Cluck Cluck Sew, that was something like: 'out of a thousand quilts I always know which one is yours'. Wow! So she must have a unmistakable quilting style then. I just had a look at all her beautiful quilts again, and there are many. Yes, all her quilts are beautiful, fresh, and in happy colours. Some to me stand out: her Spin Cycle quilt, (I have to make that one day) and Foxy (love the colours!). I personally wouldn't be sure if I could pick her quilts out of thousands but they definitely have a certain style and continuity.

What is that at all, continuity?
I found a definition:
  • the quality of something that does not stop or change as time passes : a continuous quality
  • something that is the same or similar in two or more things and provides a connection between them
  • the arrangement of the parts in a story, movie, etc., in a way that is logical
So in quilts then, is it the use of fabric? The use of colour? The design of the quilt blocks?

Because looking at my own quilts and my statement regarding my style I have a feeling that not all my quilts reflect that. No wonder, actually, I've only made 12!! And style is constantly evolving, and that is good.

I met Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic about 2 weeks ago, she presented her new fabric lines in a lovely quilt shop, Stoffsalat, here in Germany.  Brigitte also gave us an insight of how she designs her fabric. She watches what is on trend and just does what she likes.
And what I absolutely loved about that is that every fabric line of Brigitte is so different! Some I like more than others, some are not my cup of tea at all, but still. Brigitte is able to start afresh with every new fabric design.

And I guess same applies to quilts. Every quilt is different. Every of my quilts is different and represents a different time and taste in fabric, interest in patterns and designs. 

I also stated in my blind date post that I still consider myself as beginner. A confident beginner though, but still a beginner, a learner. And that is true. I think it's healthy for me to stay curious.

I looked for blog posts with similar content because it's 2016, I cannot be the only one asking that question.
So I found a really interesting read from Amber of One Shabby Chick: Finding your personal quilting style from 2013. Amber made a collage following a creative exercises from the book 'Quilting Happiness' to help you define your quilting style. How cool is that?
And it turns out, there was a blog hop with loads of people doing a collages. Here, here, here for example.

I love that! In fact this little exercise I could imagine doing every year, because as I said, I am constantly learning.

So, what I wanted to say is that I have not yet consciously developed a personal quilting style. And I'm not sure if I ever will, because I like to try out different things. I like variety. This doesn't exclude that all my quilts will have a certain personal touch, a 'style' if you so will. But I think quilting is a process and I'm looking forward to what I will make next.

Other very interesting reads I found today while doing some research on quilting style and what defines us as quilters:
how to define your style by Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color
Balance by Jacqui Gering
It looked bigger on Instagram by Debbie Jeske of A Quilter's Table
Sew Katie Did - Katie Peterson's thoughts on her quilts here

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Bee blocks for Allison

Gosh! I almost forgot to post my bee blocks here that I finished for Allison in from July/ August!

Allison opted for a beautiful paper piecing template designed by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic. It's called 'Prism' and you can download it fro free here! We printed it at 85% though, the original is a bit bigger. I love the colour palette!

I recently purchased this 'Add-A-Quarter' ruler since I'm doing a lot of paper piecing recently. This is so much better and easier to use than a normal ruler, where you really have to be careful to cut the proper 1/4 seam.

Here Allison has all the finished blocks on her design wall and it looks already stunning! Can't wait to see this finished!

Linking this to 'Let's Bee Social' at So Fresh Quilts.