Friday 30 April 2021

Bee Quilt for Baby Robin

I can finally share my latest baby quilt! This is yet another quilt, I made with the help of the lovely ladies of the Quilty Circle of Bees. 

The block we sewed is called the 'Rocky Mountain Puzzle' block and I picked turquoise, pink and curry/chartreuse as the main colours and white and black/white fabrics for the background. It's always a nice surprise when you open the envelopes from your bee mates and see what blocks they made since we sew with our own fabrics. It gives the quilt such a great variety of different fabrics without looking completely wild and uncoordinated.

I made three blocks, my bee mates made all the other ones. I loved how it turned out, it's such a happy and fresh looking quilt! 

For the binding I used left over strips from a backing of another quilt. This print has large dots, so the binding appears to be stripy - and I like that a lot. As always with baby quilts, I sew the binding on by machine for extra durability. 

For the backing I used my favourite wide screen cross-hatch fabric in pink. In the bottom right corner is a label, made from one HST. 

This quilt was sent earlier this week to Robin and her parents, who live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Yesterday I received such sweet photos from Robin with the quilt... seriously, sewing a baby quilt is just the best! 

The quilt measures about 48" (123cm) square.

Thank you to me bee mates Melanie, Allison, Madga and Saadia for making the blocks! 


  1. I still remember the assignment. It was so fun! And the quilt turned out beautifully. What a lucky baby :)

  2. I love the color palette you chose, and the blocks are so fun with the variety of prints from your bee mates.